Civil War records of George A. Reed


Letter dated May 3, 1861 from George Reed, Washington D.C., to his uncle, Nathan Reed, Natick, Mass.

(Acton Memorial Library archives 2007.7.2)

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Addressed to Nathan Reed Esq


       Washington City D.C. May 3/61

    Dear Unkle

       I now take this Oppitunity
to write you a few lines to let you know that I
am well and hope these few lines will find you the
Same we are still in the Capital but do not expect
to Stay mutch longer we Shall go into Camp By next
week General Butler arrived here to day he made a
Speech in the Senate Chamber this afternoon whitch was
Crowded with Mass Soldiers he was Cheered By them and
we have had a pretty Easy time to day it has rained
all day we went out and Drill this morning a little while
and have not been out Since we drilled yesterday 8 hours
whitch was rather Tough. But we are geting hardened
to it we have a rather hard time of it But a Soldier can
Bare most every thing we cannot expect to fair as well
here as we can at home. there are 30 Thousand
Tro[o]ps here now and they keep coming every day the
5th New York redgiment went in to camp yesterday
I have written this make 4 letters to day So
I have written all my knowlidge away But thought
I would write a few lines as I thought you would


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like to hear from me I Should like to hear
from you I have written 10 letters or more and have
not received any. But expect to [--?] [--?] Senator
Wilson is here he [--?] some of our letters Bill
and Charles and little Bill are all well tell
Daniel to write as I want to hear from you. give
my Best respects to all inquiring Friends. my
luve to Francis tell her to write I have sent you
Some papers But don’t know as you have got them
I do not think of mutch more to write at
pressent So I will close Yours in hast
From your Nephew George A. Reed Washington
City D.C. Co E 6th Ridgement M.V.M.
Cap Daniel Tuttle Col E. F. Jones

Please Write as Soon as you can