Civil War Records of William Washburn, Jr.


Co. Regiment / Ship From To Residence/ Credit Occupation Notes
1st MVI Private; May 23, 1861 as Priv. discharged for promotion by S.O. #194, War Dept., Aug. 18, 1862. Boston architect age 19
G 35th MVI comm. 2nd Lieut. Aug. 16, 1862; comm. 1st Lieut. Jan. 24, 1863; resigned for disability Aug. 3, 1863; re-comm. 1st Lieut. and Adjutant Aug. 4, 1863; comm. Captain Sept. 6, 1864 disch. for disability May 15, 1865, as Captain.     wounded May 18, 1864 Spottsylvania, Va.; wounded and prisoner July 30, 1864, Petersburg, Va.; paroled prisoner.
MASSCW, 1:9, 3:689

Service Record (select pages from the National Archives): x
Service Ledger (Town of Acton): x


Co. Regiment Date Filed Type App. No. Cert. No. State Beneficiary/Remarks
A 1st MVI Jan. 6, 1886 Invalid 558 604 392 236    
G 35th MVI Nov. 25, 1922 Widow 1 197 305 929 244 Penn. Sarah Washburn

Pension File (select pages from the National Archives):  20 pages (PDF*) 

Grand Army of the Republic

Isaac Davis Post No. 138, Acton, Massachusetts (Sargent, Grand Army of the Republic: 426.)


Date Oct. 28, 1922
Place Sharon, Penn.
Obituary New Castle News, October 30, 1922
Survived by

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