Civil War Records of Timothy Sheehan


Obituary for Timothy Sheehan

Concord Enterprise, December 12, 1890



   At last the body of Mr. Timothy Sheehan has been found. For a number of days past Thomas Magurn had noticed an object in the river in rear of Mr. Hudson's grounds. He reported to selectman Walcott what he had seen and notified chief of police Sanford, who with officer Craig, went to the place Friday forenoon. They procured a boat and went out to where the object was and found that it was the body of a man. They removed it to the shore to wait the arrival of medical examiner Titcomb. In the mean time word had been sent to the family that the body of a man had been found once and that someone was wanted that could identify Mr. Sheehan. His son returned with the officer and at once identified the body as being that of his father.



   newspaper clipping

The body of Timothy Sheehan has at last been found after more than four weeks searching. The Sudbury river has given up its burden and Mr. Sheehan's family can be satisfied that the husband and father is at last at rest.     


Concord Enterprise, December 19, 1890

Card of Thanks

The family and friends of Timothy Sheehan wish to sincerely thank the town officers the promptness with which the fire companies turned out and all who rendered their assistance so willingly. spirit and kindness of heart. Again we thank the people of this community for the interest they took and the sympathy they felt in our bereavement.

Warnerville, Dec. 16, 1890.                          




The medical examiner's report, on file at the Mass. State Archives, reads as follows: "Timothy Sheehan suicide by drowning—Sheehan, who had been melancholy with the delusion that he had been induced by deception to sign away his property, left his house at 2 o'clock a.m. Oct. 29th '90 with the expressed intent of going to the outhouse. He is not known to have been seen again alive. His body was found floating in the Sudbury River in Concord, on the morning of Dec. 5th '90. The body was in an advanced state of decomposition. Inquest."

The date of death, October 29th, is significant in that it was on that date in 1861 that Timothy Sheehan enlisted in the 26th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry.