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Boston Globe, January 28, 1900

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Mr and Mrs Albert Moulton of South Acton 50 years Wedded.


     SOUTH ACTON- Jan 27- There was a merry throng at the Universalist church this evening, for many of the people of this village were there, as were also numbers from the other nearby villages.
     The occasion for the gathering was a celebration of the golden wedding of Mr and Mrs. Albert Moulton. Several days ago Rev. W.F. Dusseault, pastor of the Universalist church, called upon Mr. and Mrs. Moulton, who are parishioners of his, and informed them that they must be prepared to take part in a celebration which was being arranged with the view of according due recognition to the marked epoch in their lives. They demurred at first, but finally yielded.
     The affair was arranged by members of the Moulton family circle, and those identified with the church.
     The reception was from 7 to 9. Mr. and Mrs. Moulton were assisted, in receiving their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Horslin of Boston. The aged couple were the recipients of two purses of gold, one presented by relatives, the other being a token from the attendants at the church, Rev. Mr. Dusseault making the presentation.
     Contributors to the enjoyment of the occasion were Prof. Edmund Waddington, who gave several piano solos; Miss Anna E. Wallace, who recited several selections; Frank E. Deffley, vocalist, and Miss Grace G. Peck accompanist, all of Providence.
     Mr. And Mrs. Moulton are natives of Sandwich, N.H., where they grew up together and where they were joined in wedlock half a century ago. Mr. Moulton is now 74, and his good wife 68, which tells the story that they started on the road of wedded life quite early. They came here in 1853, and with  the exception of about three years, when they lived in Maynard, have been residents of Acton, and have occupied for the past 13 years their present home on Acton st. Five daughters have been born to them, four of whom are living- Mrs. Mary J Peck of Providence, Mrs. A.E. Bohanan of Waltham, Mrs. B. Leonard of Providence and Mrs. Horslin. They are blessed with 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, the latter residing in New York.
     Mr. Moulton has always been identified with farm life. He is a veteran of the civil war, having enlisted in Co E 6th Massachusetts volunteers, which was commanded by Capt A.C. Handley, who belonged here. Mr. Moulton was for many years a member of Capt Isaac Davis post, G.A.R., of Acton, but retired from the organization some time ago. The only public office he ever held was that of highway surveyor.
     Mrs. Moulton comes from a family of seven girls and three boys, of whom there are living four sisters and one brother. She is the only member of her family to celebrate a golden wedding. Mr. Moulton is one of a family of eight children, six boys and two girls, of whom there are living three brothers.
     This happy couple, who have been given every assurance that they have a warm place in the affections of their neighbors, are members of the Universalist church, and have attended it ever since the edifice was dedicated. They have been hard and earnest workers in the society and Mrs. Moulton has been one of the most enthusiastic members of the Ladies’ social circle.