Civil War Records of Levi H. Robbins

List of Letters


Letter dated July 1, 1861 from Levi Robbins,
to his mother Mrs. Benjamin Robbins

(Acton Memorial Library archives 2008.4.10)

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            Camp Relay  July the 1, 1861

            Dear Mother  as I nothing to do I will
write jest to pass of the time it has commenced
to reane this morning and I guess it will rain all
day I am on the hill yet enjoeing myself as well
as I can  the corp are at Boltomore there is sev
en of us here with the capt to take care of the
things the boys will not come back untill after
the fourth  I went down saterday and carried them
some things they have got most all of those things
to kook with so we shant have to kook so much for
them we can go down and back when we are a mind
to free I guess I shall go down tomorrow or next
day and stay they had to lay out doors two nights
but now they have got some board tents. I first write
now I guess we shall start start to come a forghtnite
from today if not before they are trying to get a
band to play us home  has Nate gorn down East
yet you will be lone some when they are all gone
Henry wrote that Susie was coming up there and
he wanted I should come when I got back but I guess
I shant for I shall want to stay at home a while
and see you and little Charley but I shall be home
sick when I get back it looks like war down to


Boltomore thare is six or seven Regi stations there
and the artillerry all ready to fire on Boltomore
the minuit thay se a rocket go up as a signal
but I dont think thay will try to do anything now
fort Mac henery can set the city all on fire in
thirteen minuits with Shells and red hot balls. I
hope thay will for I want to see the last of it before
I come a way from here  you said you was glad to get
a letter from me so you must not say if there is not
anything worth reading in it  I wrote to Henry
yesterday we have a target shooting every day of two
rounds each so you se that thay want we should get
so we can be sure of our men the first time if thay
attack us in Boltomore when we come home as thay
say thay will but I guess thay will give that up now
Tell Charley to be good and when I come home
we will go a berring and a fishing and have a ride
with the colt  I should like to see the little fellow
first all the New York boys say that it will be har
der for us to get through thare than it was through
Boltomore thay say thay will have our hats but I shall
keep mine if I can thay think more of the six
Regs than thay do of a brother thay want some thing
to remember us by  thay will cut of[f] all of them butt
ons of of thare coats to give us to remember them
with thay will swap caps, blankets canteens and
anything thay have got jest to remember the six


I suppose we shall have a great time coming home
I should like to be a month coming but I suppose
we shall come in a week I guess Acton folks wont
think we are very bashful it seems as though I have
been gone a year but I have a had a good time and have
not wanted to come home you must excuse me if I
write thing twice for I am writing to so many others
I cant remember what I have wrote you I suppose you
have heard what the South Acton boys say a bout us
them that was out here thay will tell you what  a nice
time we are haveing yesterday was Sunday and I
had some baked beenes with pork [illegible].  H gave them to us
thay dig a hole and build a fire in it and keep it hot
like heating an oven the[n] thay set the beens down in to
the coals and cover them up and let them stay all
night and in the morning thay are done and good we
have steamed one which are good but not quite so good
as baked there is one thing we can have Mass cooks
any way since I commenced to write I heard that the
six Regs had to march through Boltomore city from
twelve to seven arresting police  did Charley go
to school any this summer  there is more flies out
here than I ever saw in my life before I dont know
what to write give Respects to all the folks  From