Civil War Records of Levi H. Robbins

List of Letters


Letter dated June 14, 1861 from Levi Robbins,
to his mother Mrs. Benjamin Robbins

(Acton Memorial Library archives 2008.4.8 )

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                        Camp Relay
June the 14th

                        Dear Mother  I
received your letter
but did not answer
untill to day I have been sick for
a week  I went to the hospitall and
had the horror of bean the sickest
one thare was in it  thare was 22
in it I did not stay thare only two
days and got my discharge then he
gave me a bill to lay of[f] on for
three days so I have got quite smart
again Mr. Gray is the bes man to
take care of any one all of them do
all thay can for you  the boys went
Boltomore yesterday and got back to
day noon thay had a Election and
thay thought thare would be a row
thare I did not go  L.J Robbins


is sick but I guess he will get over
it in a few days  I suppose you think
it is an orful thing to be sick out here
but we get gest as good care as at home for
we have a Doctor with us all the time and
three every morning  you know that we
are all sick at home some times I hear
from Acton by Abram  I dont write
so much as I did no do I receive so
many letters  I like to get letters but
I am getting to lazy to write them
you had better get all you can from the
town for it belongs to you and I sharn
get enough to hert me  Heard Brad P
eckings wife was dead  I did not know she
was sick you must get a long the best
you can but you better not move yet
I hope we shall get home the fourth of July
it is growing dull here we dont have
any excitement thay are fighting all
round us but we dont get any of it  this is
goan to be a crous[?] year I guess at home
and a broad  I guess the folks there stade


home are the worse of[f] I am getting
tired of laying round here doing noth
ing I wish the Goverment would let us
go on our own hooks and hunt fight whare
we was a mind to but I guess we shall
have a chance to move before long for
thay have got Harpers Ferry all right
so thay dont need any gard here  I
dont think but I dont know  I guess we
shall go home before our time is out
but it’s no long  Abram rote to me
Mrs Tuttle ast me me if I did not
count the days between now and the
time we rode to come home we do  we
know how many days we got stay if we
get home  the fourth or if we stay our time
out we set down to or there to gether and
talk a bout it so we know all about it but
the time pases of[f] as fast it does anywhere
I wish I told Aaron that I would take
that would [wood] lot and then Simon could
teamed[?] it and you could had all you
wanted and he could sold most all of it


and then be could hauld the rest
of it out of the lot and left it  it
had to be got of[f] of the lot before
the first of June  thay have peas
cabbage and all kinds of greene [illegible]
strawberrys are the greatest buisness
you can by them 4, 5 and six cts
per box  how does Mr Bullard get
long and Mrs Bullard give my
respect to them and the rest of the
folks  I suppose it is getting pretty hot
thare I should think you would be hot to
live so [illegible] but you live down seller
how do you like that tenement  I should
think it would be cool thare I dont
think of anything to write that will inter
est you so I will colose  give my love
Nate Susie and all the children with
a share for yourself  tell Susan
to write, write all news and every
thing else  From Levi