Civil War Records of Levi H. Robbins

List of Letters


Letter dated June 1 [1861] from Levi Robbins
to his mother Mrs. Benjamin Robbins

(Acton Memorial Library archives 2008.4.6)

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            Relay House
            Camp, June 1

            Dear Mother
I received your
letter this morning  I got one from Abram
I get the news from Acton as for that
money you had better take it I guess
for it was raised for the families
and the soilders so you se it belongs
to you and me I am getting my share
so you had better take yours but if
Nate thinks you had better not for
perhaps some of the families may want
it more than you do I should think you
would have to live pretty close but we
live snug seven and ten in a tent
when we dont go on gard and lay out on the
ground you said you thought I should die
laying out on the ground in the rain
I have laid out in the rainey nights


and felt better than if I had laid
in a bed I dont think you could get
so many men to gether and not have
more sickness keep them in the
best house you could find how does
the children get a long  suppose Sayla
will go to school and I dont know
all of them will tell Nate when I
come home I will go a fishing with
him and a hunting for I shant have
a chance to kill any thing out here
June 30th it was so hot and I had
to go out in force and Sunday
I had to take 8 men and gard the
Relay House and depot it takes 30 men
to gard that station the
relievs ten men at a time we dont
have to post any onley in the night
as for my washing I dont have much
to do I have sent all of my white
shirts home only the under shirt
wich was worn out and that I throwed


a way and the Goverment shirts dont
get dirty as for that I get a long fist
role as in every thing  I think that
Simon hid it in not selling his
oxen without he got a good price for
them for beef will sell better
next winter [illegible] the
gave three cheers for old Elect
ion out here  I had a letter from
Abram at the time I received yours
as for your Election cake I dont
feel as though I care much a bout it
I dont seam to want any thing like
cake dont se much as when I was at
home I have made a lot of mistakes
but I shall let them go I dont know
what to write you must have a good
time Nate and Susie has come
for you  wont be so lonesome I am
glad come out here for it would
be so dull in Acton I have to keep
getting up to se the troops go t[h]rough


there has jest been a nother long
train through here the tops of
the cars covered and platforms
and the inside packed full  I
should think thay would break
them down thare is a nother
train coming I can hear it
I should like to see the children
and all the rest of the folks
what does Susie think a bout
the [illegible] some of the boys say
thare letters dont  go but mine must
if you get three from me some
times  I get a lot and then I dont
get any for two t[h]ree days I suppose
I shall get a letter from you before
you get this  you would like to stand
out here in the night and hear the
gard say ten o clock and all is
well and all the hours in the
night same you have read [illegible]
but I had rather hear and se it
then I know what it is  I guess you
wont want to let any one read this
for I dont think you can your self give
my Love to all  From Levi


evening,  I did not send
my letter this morning because
the Chaplain was goin to Bal-
and I could not get any [illegible]
envelopes since then I have
received a letter, Henry  he has
wrote me before but I did not
get it  he is well so is his wife
we had a milk toast for supper
I made it it was jest as good as
any that we get at home  you had
better put Mass V, M on my letter
for MVM stands for Mane and for
Mishagan so you see that MV,M
stand for three states but I guess
I have got all the letters you have
sent me but I guess I have lost
some from others  do you have any
flies if you dont I will send you
some for I can ketch them like
a mice in our tents thay will
bother a fellow so he cant sleep


read or any thing else in
the day time we get so mad
at them we all get up and drive
them all out but they come in
a gain we dont have any mos
quetoes out here I rather guess
you will hear that Baltomore
is burned with in a week but I
dont know if they get up a mob
it will [illegible] I dont think of
any more to write now but if
any thing worth of note happing
before morning I will write
morning  the company has not come
back yet they will come to morrow
we have to to send down another
ration we live jest as we are
a mind to now  we have jest
as much butter milk sugar and
evry thing we can get we had a
pail ful of lemonade given to
us today we shant drink it all
if some of don’t have some friend
come a long   good bye from