Civil War Records of Levi H. Robbins

List of Letters


Letter dated May 31, 1861 from Levi Robbins
to his mother Mrs. Benjamin Robbins

(Acton Memorial Library archives 2008.4.5)

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            Relay, House Camp    May the 31, 1861

            Dear Mother  I received your letter a bout
time you got mine  I have not much to wright but then
I must write something  I have been a strawberring there
is not many that grow wild that I can find  I dont know
where to look so well for them as I do in Acton  thay raise
a lot of them large field the same as we do corn they sell them
6 cts per qart but I can get them cheaper  three of us went out
roun the gard and went on tramp we went round five or six
miles to se what we could  we got some strawberry but then
most we found was in the cultavated fields it pretty warm
here to day but we have cool night thing a bout the same
here we get a larmed  every little while and have to get
up and but on our right fight and stand in a line a bout
a half an hour then tirn in again  the story is that we
are coming home soon I dont know whether it is true or not
nor I dont care I shant wright much to you to day I am
well and growing fat every day  the troop keep coming through
here there was five [illegible] went tough here last night one right
after the other and one long traine today  you said you wished
that I was as well of as you was  I never was better in my life
dont you look much for me until you see me  I dont know but you will


think I am short of paper but I have got enough  we drilling
more than we did some time ago but then we have time
enough to write  the boys lay round under the trees I like to live
out here but I dont like to do any thing  I had rather lay down all
the time the boys are all jest so jest as lazy as they can be
I can lay down out doors any where and go to sleep night
or day they boys are no more a fraid then thay would be
at home in bed but the 8th Reg. get scard once fire get
us up in the nigh but I cant [write] any more   From Levi

write when you get any thing to write