Civil War Records of Levi H. Robbins

List of Letters


Letter dated May 3, 1861 from Levi Robbins
to his mother Mrs. Benjamin Robbins

(Acton Memorial Library archives 2008.4.3)

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           Washington City  May the 3th 1861
           Six Regit Comp E

            Dear Mother  I thought I would
write you a nother letter so to keep you a
reading all the time why dont you write the
mail comes in and all the rest get one and
some two but I dont get any but I hear from
thare twice every day  the Acton folks write
good news do you get the papers  you can get a
letter every day if you want it dont send the
papers for I can get them here and send them to
you for we can get them for nothing some times
dont you let any one see the letters that I send for
thare is so much goin on that carnt write nor spell
so well as if I was a lone  Gen. Butler has got here
and spoke and he is goin to have us fare better
than we have bean used the miliatary keeps
coming  thare was eleven hundred and fifty
come here a bout two o clock this morning if you
could see the s[o]diers here you would think
that the worled was coming to a fight  if we
fight thare be busy since here I guess they
say we are goin to Camp out next week I hope


we shall  thay say that the enemy are
all ready to come but I gues they
had better keep ready than to come here
for if thay come here thay will get hert
if thay come thay will not come for some
time I guess thay said if we had not got here
just as we did thay said that the Capatol
wood have been in the Southern Govern
ment hands the Coln was afraid that
we should be attacted we was called up
twice about twelve o clock and give us forty
rounds apeace I expected to have to fight but
I did not care sometimes I wish we should fight
if you dont [illegible] I shall write you more than
twice a day for I cannot tink of any more to
to write than what I can get in to one letter but
if we should meat I could tell you a lot and
Charley to tell him that he must be good and
when I come home I will give him a ride with the colt
we sined for the three month if not [illegible] be
fore I get twenty two dollars for month as you
see in the paper that I will send you I get two
dollars more than a private I am Corprell if
the words are not spelt write you not notice
it if come back I shall have a farm out some


where of a hundred and sixty acres


From Levi  write soon  Love to all