Civil War Records of Levi H. Robbins

List of Letters


Letter dated April 26, 1861, from Levi Robbins,
to his mother Mrs. Benjamin Robbins

(Acton Memorial Library archives 2008.4.2.)


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            Levi Robbins
                       April 26 [1861]

            Washington D.C.
    Com. E. 6 Reig

            Dear Mother  I have written
one letter and sent it and wrote
another but did not send it
for thay said it would not go
because the mail could not go
we got here last Friday night
we were four days and nights coming
we had a hard time coming for
we could not sleep any because
we had change cars and boats and
be loading our guns and getting
read to fire if attacted  we had
two men killed in our reigerment
in Boltamore and some more
wounded our Comp got through
safe the briks and roks flew and
the s[o]lders were ordered not to fire
on them if we were ordered to fire
we migh killed a hundred I could


twenty in five minuits I was
so dam mad  I never was so mad
in my life to any thing live or
dead  thare was one pistol ball
come in over the window where
I sat we had a long ride but no
so plesent as it might have been some
other way and some of it was but
we have got here and have a good time
we dont have thing to do hardly
I shall be so lazy when I get home
I carnt do any thing this a great
building we go all over it that we
are a mind to but I should get lost
after I have been here three weeks
thare is more milatary coming
here every day if you could see all
the soders in this building you would
thing that thare was not so many folks
in the would  this is a pretty place
[illegible] Comp has got as good a furnished
room as I have ever seen in any
house in my life but I have lived better


we have bacon and square crakers and
baked bread and coffee no milk nor
butter no potatoes but I steal suggar down
in the store room the government
signed twenty two thousand lb
flour  the road are ful of teams with
it I never se so mutch flour in my
life I suppose you have herd from [illegible]
I have herd from Bennett that he was
hung on the monument tell Acton
I thought that they thought
more of the monument than
that  we dont want the stars
and stripes disgraced when
we come out here to honor them
I am glad they saved the body
for we want to have a target shoot
with our new guns  tell Simon
he may do as he thinks best with
with the colt send him up country
or he may keep him his self
I suppose that it will be cheaper to
send him up country  tell Charley
he must mind his Gramma and


write to me kiss him for me tree
times give my love to all the
folks  I have not seen a good looking
woman since I have been here I hope
I shall get home so I shall get these

we can get in to it in the fall I
was sorrow that I could not have
that wood of Aaron Handley
Take care of your self and
and Charley  that is all you
have to take care of and I have
got to take care of Levi and
dont you worry a bout him write
all you can think of tell all
to write to me and I will
write to them. Direct

            Levi Robbins
Cop E 6th Reig
Washington D.C.