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Grand Army of the Republic
Isaac Davis Post No. 138

Supplementary War Sketch for James Edward Richardson (concluded)


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I turned around t'was Jim holding out his orderly book poor fellow he could not speak but the look he gave me told me all, he knew the book was of great use to me and had come back badly wounded as he was where the missiles were flying in showers almost to his last act of duty in his Co."

Theodore Hanscom
Capt. Co. K. 6th N.H. Vol. Inf.

I never sought honors or felt I deserved more than the reward which comes of a faithful performance of duty as one sees it himself. It was pretty hard sometimes when it became my duty as Sergt. to discipline a comrade for misdemeanor especially those who were older. One old Scotchman who would persist in the use of the ardent whenever he could get it had to have punishment several times, at last it was to be tied up to a post by his wrists, this was almost too much for me as he had been my neighbor at home but as I hesitated he shouted "goo ahead Jim, it's a'right." I will add that soon after the war closed he through his habits was drowned in a well. While I was on duty at the old arsenal in Washington, I saw J. Wilkes Booth's body brought in encased in sacking carried to one of the cells when I heard them remove the stone flagging and dig a grave. There were many stories afloat at the time as to what disposal was made of it, after my return home I told several the above story as I knew it, and later on in January 1866 I think it was, the official account was given as above in the Boston Journal.