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Civil War Records of Daniel Tuttle

Grand Army of the Republic
Isaac Davis Post No. 138

Supplementary War Sketch for Daniel Tuttle

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On this very day, the 19th of April eighty six years before the very first blood she in the war of the Revolution had stained the grass in front of Lexington Meeting House and on Concord's Plains

On the second anniversary long to be remembered the first blood in the Civil War flowed in the streets of the city of Baltimore, Md

Shed from the veins of the descendants of these early Patriots To be the first to pass forward and onward to Eternity from battlefields of the Rebellion these four soldiers led the way.

The term of service though brief is assured a high place in history. This Reg't was the first to leave home & the first to be attacked. It received a vote of thanks from the Thirty-seventh Congress for the alacrity which it responded to the Call of the President and for its bravery and patriotism.

Gov. Andrew said in dismissing the Regiment "Its gallant conduct has reflected new luster on the Commonwealth and has given new historic interest to the 19th of April. It will be received by our people with warm hearts and generous hands.

The Company of Capt. Tuttle was most warmly and enthusiastically received on its return, nearly three thousand turned out. As the Governor said with warm hearts and generous hands to receive them.