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Civil War Records of Charles Wesley Parker


Grand Army of the Republic
Isaac Davis Post No. 138

Supplementary War Sketches

Diary of Charles W. Parker, p. 10

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October 1, 1864

Wet night. got orders at day light to strike tents * what an idea, not a tent in Camp and here let me say they never did provide me any shelter while they kept me* fall in. Drew nearly three hard tack, and a small piece of bacon. Marched two miles and took out cars (1500 of us) arrived near Florence, S.C. about dark. Stopped in an old corn field right in the dirt and rained hard all night, as gloomy a night as I ever saw.

October 2

Went into new stockade in the forenoon, first batch in. seven thousand came during the day. - very busy collecting wood and fixing camp tent out of my old blanket. Rations one pint of flour - fresh meat and salt - Busy day for Sunday.

October 3

Wet and gloomy - all looks dark can see nothing but death by starvation and suffering. Rations same as yesterday but not near as much.

October 4

Went to bed hungry and got up the same way. Warm days - cool nights.

October 5

Fifteen hundred more prisoners came from Charleston late - rations one half pint meal about the same of beans and bugs.

October 9

Very cold last night little frost. moved our quarters up into the corner - big ration of flour little meal and

October 15

Feel pretty well except my bad cold - good many go out each day to take the oath of allegiance to the Confederacy. Who can blame them when they can escape so much misery.

October 17

Fine day but no rations of any kind.

October 18

Rations to-day commenced to issue blankets four to the hundred. Got my pail fixed, over-worked on mud chimney finished it on the twenty-second.