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Civil War Records of Charles Wesley Parker


Grand Army of the Republic
Isaac Davis Post No. 138

Supplementary War Sketches

Diary of Charles W. Parker, p. 9

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September 8, 1864

Outside Monday and Tuesday, when news came of our immediate exchange. Some went away Wednesday and a good many more during the night, feel encouraged but it may be only to another prison. West and Evans died making three in our Company and fifty-eight in the Regiment.

September 13

Tuesday eve. In Camp near Charleston, S.C. Trains continue to leave Andersonville daily and Saturday just before night, we got orders to pack up. We got on a train immediately and came away feeling in high spirits over the prospect of exchange.seemed like being transported to another world. Came on Georgia Central R.R. to Millen and then up to Agusta. Arrived there Sunday afternoon, ladies and children treated us well, brought us water for which we were nearly famished. Gave the sick, biscuit milk and left there that night and arrived here the next day, stopping on the old race course, from five to seven thousand of us, some have gone to Savannah, and where they are taking the rest of us is more than we can tell. Have been very hard up for rations for several days, to-day got but three spoonfuls of Meal. Citizens here treated us well and would better if allowed. Ladies come up from the city loaded with baskets and pails and in a sly way get the contents over the dead line. Shelled the city a good deal during the night.

September 14

Fifteen hundred went to some place to-day. A Colonel came in to get men to go out to work on fortifications, in fact do anything but fire the cannon and if we did not go Volunteer would compel us to go. Three hundred went to their shame and disgrace, Most starved for rations - 2 ounces beef - Hard tack to-night.

September 15

Don't know what we will do when it rains, no shelter or chance for water to run off. More prisoners from A. Feel about discouraged.

September 25

Get fair rations if we only could get wood to cook it. shelled the city all night. Looks dark about ever getting home again. Surprising our Government should care as little for us as to let us lie here, and suffer and die off so - six of our Regiment died already here.