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Civil War Records of Charles Wesley Parker


Grand Army of the Republic
Isaac Davis Post No. 138

Supplementary War Sketches

Diary of Charles W. Parker, p. 7

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July 25, 1864

Oh! that I could be delivered from this horrid place. Tongue or pen can never tell the sights and sufferings here. Reliable news of the Fall of Atlanta. Rations two spoons molasses and forty-three loaves for ninety men.

July 31

Preparations for defense going on outside with a good deal of vigor, all last night to-day slashing timber to give range to their Common.


Great news about parole and exchange seems quite reliable but put no confidence in our rumors.

August 2

Awful sight to-day - men literally being devoured by maggots. Privates all rotten and his mouth, nose and even eyes were nearly full still he had his reason and help to wash himself.

August 3

Lot of sick being taken out for something.

August 4

Dog Day weather - went outside the Stockade just before noon to work forming barracks to put inside. Seemed so good to get out where there is a little fresh air. Get larger rations to-day - we are at work for our own men to give them shelter which I think is nothing our Government can blame us for.

August 10

Outside to-day - Lieutenant at the gate robbed us of all we had when we went in. Rations of fresh beef, raw beans and bread.

August 6

Out Side to-day - don't work very much, only make a show - Fresh beef to-day I got some baked at the cook house and flour gravy. O' How good it was.

August 12

Great hurry outside building another Stockade outside the old one.