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Civil War Records of Charles Wesley Parker


Grand Army of the Republic
Isaac Davis Post No. 138

Supplementary War Sketches

Diary of Charles W. Parker, p. 5

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June 18, 1864

Three hundred prisoners - one third of them wounded. Rations - sour meal - good meat

June 19

Lively times with raiders last night. One guard earned his furlough to-day by shooting a man - missed the right one and hit two others - more prisoners

June 22

Cavalry raid expected last night - news lively. Rained a little making twenty-three days.

June 23

No rain to-day - more prisoners - reported one hundred and ninety died yesterday. Oh, the misery
of this place. Two raiders shaved to-day - rations of meal and salt - no meat.

June 29

Feel encouraged about exchange - lot more prisoners. Little better rations. We think so as to have us in better condition to go to our lines - took out a lot of raiders about one half of hundred (50) by a police force. The leaders were kept out and the others forced to run the gauntlet back. They got awfully pounded and one killed - found money, watches and other articles buried in their tents beside one dead body. Rations to only half of the Camp to-day.

June 30

Great excitement - more raiders taken out. Hope they will get their deserts. Dutch Capt. on his dig got some rations today - meal and fresh meat no salt - got hard head-ache - lie down at night about sick. How I long to be out of here. This month has closed and now what will another bring forth.

July 1

Another Sunday to be spent in this horrid place. Feel better except diarrhea. Awful sight to-day. Crazy man entirely nude and nearly dead eating human excrement and muddy filth.- another man dropped while cooking his rations. No rations whatever to-night. One hundred prisoners from Sherman - bring good news. How I would like to be where I could hear that glorious salute tomorrow A.M. commenced the Testament again to-day.