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Civil War Records of Charles Wesley Parker


Grand Army of the Republic
Isaac Davis Post No. 138

Supplementary War Sketches

Diary of Charles W. Parker, p. 4

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May 29 & 30 1864

Rations one half loaf bread and a little mush cooked without salt. Little stinking meal and had to eat it. Nine hundred more prisoners from Butler. Everything taken from them. We are getting thick here - rations one third loaf of bread.

June 1

Hard shower three hundred more prisoners-several with legs amputated - sorry for them rations same as last night - minus salt.


Sultry weather but showers - Hundreds of poor fellows have to stand out and take the rain, night and day not having any shelter, rations same except salt.

June 3

Three hundred more prisoners - bring encouraging news of our army from all quarters

June 4

Raw beans with rations

June 5

Continues to rain and very sultry - beans and dumplins for breakfast - have a diarrhea - Ninety died to-day. Good news from Richmond - cooked rations.

June 6

Bean soup and meal dumplins for dinner - so warm when it does not rain there is no comfort. Flies by the million - squad went out for wood and six got away.

June 13

Rainy day - had to cook my rice out in the rain dreamt of home all night - thought I saw Eddie Rations the same. One hundred and twenty-eight died the past twenty four hours.

June 14

That I should ever have to spend a birthday in such a place as this and such a gloomy wet day - feel pretty well in body rations of meal and meat - plenty of news to-day but not worth recording.

June 15

Four hundred prisoners from R - very unhealthy here. So wet and so much filth though I manage to keep up pretty good courage - rations of raw rice.

June 17

This is eighteen days in succession it has rained and most of all are without shelter of any kind - rations of meal and salt.