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Civil War Records of Charles D. Clark


Grand Army of the Republic
Isaac Davis Post No. 138

Personal War Sketch for Charles D. Clark

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Comrade Charles D. Clark
Who was born the
day of
A.D. 1832
Paterson County of   State of New Jersey

On May 18th, 1861, I was entered into the service, as private, at Madison, Wis., in Company B 2nd Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers.


I afterwards held the rank as Regular Mail Carrier but at the close of the war, I was still a private.


I was first discharged on June 17th, 1863 at Philadelphia, Penn., and at that time receiving a Surgeon's Certificate for disability and was not again commissioned, re-enlisted or transferred to any other organization.


The first battle that I took part in was at South Mountain, Md.


I also was engaged in the battle that took place at Antietam, Md. and was wounded at that place on Sept. 17, 1862.


From Sept. 21st, 1862 to the latter part of December 1862 I was confined in the Emory Hospital at Washington D. C. and from there I was taken to General Hospital at West Philadelphia, Penn., remaining at this one to June the seventeenth 1863.


I was never taken prisoner or confined in a prison.


Among my most intimate comrades were Quartermaster Sergeant, W. M. Spear, C. C. Bushell, F. F. Forest and Robert Scott.


What I think important during my service was my engagement at Antietam Md. and also the fact that the company to which I belonged was formed in April, 1861 at La Crosse, Wisconsin. We were among the first to answer the "President's First Call" and so we were finally this year's men.


The wound I received was caused by a ball entering my wrist. I joined the G. A. R. in 1868.

I Certify that the Sketch of my War service as above written is true as
I verily believe  
Date Signed
We certify that Comrade  Charles D. Clark Joined Isaac Davis
Post No. 138 Department of Massachusetts G.A.R. 1892
Held Offices of
F.H. Stevens
H.R. Knowlton