The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated December 12, 1864 from Emma Estelle Hayward (niece), Concord, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Concord Monday [December] 4th 1864

Dear Uncle
As I received your letter in due time I was
very glad to hear from you and should
have riten before if I had not been
sick  I was very sick indeed and had
the Doctor every day for four weeks my
fever ran 21 days when I got better
I began to go to school and did not
go but a week.  Father has got better so
he can go to work  Mother and me
sand-paper Pencils Hespa has left
hear and gose down East to morrow
moning with Aunt Martha and
Willie I wish you could see Nettie
Cora she is so cuning she has got
a doll about as bige as hear self
How did you like my pictures and
Mother Aunt Eliza has got to


[p. 2]
keep house on Chapel Hill in
Lowell but I suppose you know
It Grand mother is well and Grand-
Father I went up to Grandmothers
thanksgiving day and Tyras and
Milo had the bones.  Jony [Jonathan] stuck
his scythe up in the fild and
Milo ran agants it and Cut his
eye-brows in to and they did not
grow to gether agin and he is blind
with one eye but he grows feeble and
he will not live a grat while.  I had
a Chrismas preasent of a new sled
the name of it is 2.40 Mother and
Hepsy and Martha went a cost-
ing down hill and Mother james
her ankle and Hepsy sprained her
ankle and Martha scriped hear
shin  Mother had  the head ache
and so I thought I would write
for hear my head ache a little so
I shall soon have to put my
pen up the har got to running


 [p. 3]
They have took the meeting
House to hang the cloth in to
dry I wish you could come home
and see the folks but you will
in a shot time if nothing happens
Grandmother and I ate some turkey
for you I am not think of mutch
more to write I went you to rite
as soon as you get the letter we
all send our love rite soon
So Good By
Emma Estella Hayward

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year