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Letter dated November 13, 1864 from Hepsabeth A. Piper (aunt), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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South Acton Nov the 13 64

My Dear Nephew
How do you do Jones
I thought I would set down this
morning and spend the sabath in write to you
to let you know we are all well.  I received your
letter the 26 of Oct. And was very glad to hear
from you. Silas [Blodgett] says you look nicely now. I
hope you will keep so. You have had a hard time
of it along back havet you. O how much I have
thought of you sence these last battles you was
in.  I was afraid you was taken prisoner. I was
glad they did not git you. I hope you will stay whear
you bee if you like the business. I spose you will feel
lonesome now there is so meny thats come home
and left you there. Silas has got his discharge
you wanted to know if they said anything
about giving them any bounty. It is expected
they will do something for them. O dear
Jones how I do wish I could git some my
doughnuts to you I would make a whole


milk pan full with holes in them. I think
they would be nice. I wish I could git some
thing good to you. Such as good cider and
doughnuts and popcorn and apple and
nuts and so on. Our thanksgiving is close by
I wish you was here with us. we would have
a good time. Your Fathers folks are all well
I spose your Mother has rote what a good
time we had Picking hops over to Uncle
Rueben your Father and Mother and Uncle
Jonathan and I. we go every year. we have a
first rate time I tell you. I saw aunt Eliza
beth and Ellen about two weeks ago down at
Fitchburg Depot. When I and aunt Ruth
went down to Boston we went together and
had a first rate time. Aunt Ruth aint very
well.  I must tell you that Lewis has got
married and lives in Uncle Cyrus house the
part that Tarble lives in he has a very good
looking woman her name was Lucy Mae
Cracke  she is a very nice girl. Fanny is well
I saw her last Sunday she has got a new bonnet
and she look pruty in it two


Sophia Chaplin is going to be married
to Mr [Warren] Ball thanksgiving Night and live in
with Cyrus Hayward house. I think your turn
will come next. I spose you heard that Swiff
has a got a lady out whear he is. I expect he
will come this winter. I had a letter from
Mary Mead last week she rote that her
Father had been sick this summer but he
is well now and rest of them. Mr. Blodgett
folks are all well and sends love to you Mary
is a going to send her likeness to you. Annell
Blodgett lives down to Charlestown with Mr
Warrens folks. Mother Piper says give my best
love to Jones and tell him be a good boy
Mother is real smart and well She takes a little
snuff now and then. Uncle Jonathan set
in the great Chair reading he sayes give
my love to him and I likewise keep a good
share of it. I saw Edwin Tarble yesterday
he looks rather pale and picked [peaked] he think
he sharnt come back. I saw Doc Smith last
Sunday I have not seen Gilman Hosmer
but uncle Jonathan has he is gitting along nicely


Why Jones how did you feel when you
expected the Rebels after you  you must feel
bad Oh how sad it was to have them three
Soldier[*] all brought home dead thay was all
carried up to West Acton grave yeard thay
are agoing have a monument for them all.
O there was another sad afare Mr Jonas Handly
drop wright down dead at Simon Tuttle auction
he has left a wife and three children he was
berried yestorday. O dear how it does snow it
look like winter now. Uncle Jonathan is
a going to do alone this winter. John H. Paroun
has gone home to stay the winter. Henry
has given Lottie Brown the mitten
what do you think of that  she is better
without him then she with him if he is such
a fellow as that. I never thought he was
such a fellow as that. Well Jones I must stop
for I grow worse and worse I gest when
you read this you will think you are read
ing Items. well I must close for it is night
Please write again burn this as quick as
you read this pleas to excuse the mistakes
this from your Old Aunt Het Piper
so good night Jones please to write how
to direct my letters to
you now


[* John H. Fletcher, Eugene L. Hall, Henry W. Wilder]