Not Afraid to Go: Acton’s Part in the Birth and Preservation of Our Nation


April 19, 1775

Captain Isaac Davis and the Acton Militia, April 19, 1775

This section tells the story of the Acton Minutemen who went to the bridge in Concord on April 19, 1775, where their commander, Captain Isaac Davis, was killed in the first volley. It includes the following items.
  • Painting of the Acton Minutemen departing on the morning of April 19th.
  • Map showing line of march of British retreat from Concord on April 19th
  • Sleeve buttons worn by Solomon Smith on April 19th.
  • Epaulet worn by Joseph Brown at Battle of Bunker Hill
  • Sword and musket carried by Silas Taylor at the Battle of Bennington, Vermont
  • Lock of hair and powder horn of James Hayward, killed at the bridge in Concord
  • Shoe buckles and sword of Captain Isaac Davis, killed at the bridge in Concord
  • Portrait and affidavit of Isaac Davis' widow, Hannah Davis
  • Blood-stained hatband worn by Abner Hosmer, killed at the bridge in Concord


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