Not Afraid to Go

Acton's Part in the Birth and Preservation of Our Nation

An exhibit at the Acton Memorial Libary



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Introduction Audio Text (PDF)
Eyewitnesses to April 19, 1775 Audio Text (PDF)
James Hayward’s Choice Audio Text (PDF)
Hannah Davis Deposition Audio Text (PDF)
Acton and the Fugitive Slave Act Audio Text (PDF)
George Reed's April 20, 1861 letter home Audio Text (PDF)
Henry Hapgood's letter from Virginia Audio Text (PDF)
Diaries of Aaron Jones Fletcher and Edwin Taft Audio Text (PDF)
Nathaniel Allen at Gettysburg Audio Text (PDF)
Aaron Jones Fletcher letter about the Battle of Cedar Creek Audio Text (PDF)
Excerpts of letters from Maria Kinsley and Hephzibah Piper Audio Text (PDF)
Letters to Henry Hapgood Audio Text (PDF)
Letters to Aaron Jones Fletcher Audio Text (PDF)
The Aging Veterans Audio Text (PDF)
The Gift of Acton Memorial Library and its Dedication Audio Text (PDF)
Conclusion Audio Text (PDF)


Narrator:  Anne Hancock

Cast:  Dean Charter, Edmund Claypool, Eric Hanselman, Evan Kelly, Bobbie-Jean Powell