Harper's Weekly, June 1, 1861

                              To the Editor of Harper's Weekly:
                               Washington, D.C.April 20, 1861.
   In a late issue [4 May 1861] of your valuable sheet you are laboring under a mistake in making the statement that the Acton Company was engaged in the fight at Baltimore on the 19th inst. The whole of the Sixth regiment of the Massachusetts volunteer militia was not engaged in the fight. The only companies that participated in the fight were Company C, Mechanic Phalanx of Lowell, Company J, Light Infantry of Lawrence, Company D, City Guards of Lowell, and Company L, Light Infantry from Stoneham. There are eleven companies comprising the regiment; but seven of them, together with all the regimental officers, had passed through and were on the opposite side of the city - a mile and a half from the fight; and in fact knew nothing of it until the four companies in question fought their way through the mob and rejoined them. This you may rely on as being a correct statement of the case.
                                    Yours, etc.C.P.L.