Study Room Policy

Acton Memorial Library provides small study rooms for intense concentration, small group work or other tasks which may not be easily accomplished in other areas of the library.

The library will take on-going, open-ended study room reservations for students and tutors of non-profit literacy organizations.  Reservations will not be for a particular room.  In order to keep the reservation list up to date, tutors must sign in at the Reference Desk. Failure to sign-in or to notify the library if a reservation can't be kept may result in the cancellation of the on-going reservation.

Study rooms may be reserved up to four months in advance by AARP affiliates for volunteer tax preparation.

The library will also take reservations up to two weeks in advance from tutors and volunteers affiliated with non-profit agencies.

Occasional reservations for other uses may be made at the discretion of the Reference Staff. 

Unless they have been reserved, study rooms may be used on a first-come/first-served basis following sign-in at the Reference Desk.  Capacity is limited to three people.  Use by an individual or group will be limited to two hours per day when others are waiting.

Anyone who damages a study room, behaves inappropriately while using a study room, or uses a study room in a way that disturbs other library users may be asked to relinquish use of the room.  Repeated or severe misuse shall be cause for denial of future use.

Approved by the Acton Memorial Library Board of Trustees July 26, 2010.