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Frequently Asked Questions about the Libby App

by Reference Librarian 2 | April 26, 2018 at 06:04 PM

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about Libby, the newest app for OverDrive:

How do I return a book early?

Titles are automatically returned to the library when the book reaches its due date, so you never need to worry about late fees. However, if you finish reading or listening to a book before it is due, you may return it early by following these steps:

  • Tap Shelf
  • Tap on the title you want to return
  • Tap Return Title to Libray, then tap Return

Please note:  If you have downloaded a title to the original OverDrive app, to Adobe Digital Editions, or as a Kindle book, you won’t be able to return it from the Libby app. However, you can return it from the application you used to download the title (OverDrive app or ADE) or from Amazon (for Kindle books).


How do I see my place in line for a hold?

After you place a hold, you can view your place in line by going to Shelf > Holds, then tapping Wait List next to the book in question. You’ll see:

  • Your approximate wait time for the title
  • Your place in line
  • Total # of copies available at your library
  • Total holds for the title
  • The number of people waiting per copy


How can I view my book progress?

You can see your total book progress by tapping the center of the device. In the bottom center of the screen, you’ll see your current chapter number and page number out of the total pages in the book. If you tap the page number label once, Libby will reveal how many pages are left in the current chapter. Tap the label again to show your total book progress as a percentage, and tap once more to return to the current chapter/page number.

In the audiobook player, the total time left in the audiobook is displayed in the lower right hand corner of Libby by default. By tapping the “Time Left label” (above the timeline) you can cycle through different time displays: total time elapsed in the audiobook, time left in current chapter, and total progress as a percentage.


How can I change the text of an ebook?

Font, text size, and spacing are all adjustable in Libby. Each of these settings can be adjusted to your personal reading preference. Once you open a book, click on the menu icon in the upper-right-hand corner, and then tap Reading Settings. From there, you can adjust settings like text scale (or size), lighting, and book design. Below is an overview of these features:

Text Scale: Adjusted by using the scale. Slide to the left to decrease the text size, or slide to the right to increase the text size.

Lighting: There are three lighting options – bright (good for daytime reading), sepia (similar to a paperback), and dark (good for nighttime reading).

Book Design: Libby offers six pre-selected options for font & page design:

  • Publisher's Default
  • Legible
  • Scholar
  • Paperback
  • OpenDyslexic:  This book design uses the OpenDeslexic font to increase the readability of text for readers with dyslexia. Learn more at
  • Custom:  This option allows you to select a font (Palatino, Georgia, Old style, Cochin, Serif, or Sans Serif), adjust your justification (Left or Justified), select a line spacing (1.0, 1.5, or 2.0), and choose a weight for the text (Normal or Heavy).

You can find answers to more common questions about the Libby app here.

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